Enrollment FAQS


Does Kindergarten start at the same time as the other grades?
Yes. Kindergarten starts at 8:50 a.m.

What time does Kindergarten end?
Full day Kindergarten ends at 3:30 p.m.

Lunch and Snack

Do I need to send a snack with my child?
There are classroom snacks provided by the parents. The teacher will inform you of the details.

When is snack eaten?
Snack is eaten right before recess in the middle of the morning.

What type/kind of snack are encouraged?
Non-perishable cereal, veggie chips, dried fruit, crackers, cheese, and pretzels are some examples of snacks.

Extra Curricular and School Events

Can my child attend after school programs?
Yes, each program will list what grade it is appropriate for.


How will I find out about special programs such as field trips and assemblies?
Communications will be provided through the Friday Notes, PTSA Corner, and your classroom teacher.

Specials (Art, Music, and P.E.)

Do Kindergartners get specials such as gym, music, and art?

New and Returning Families Kindergarten through 8th Grade

May parents stay with their child for part of the first day of school?
Generally speaking, teachers prefer that parents hug, say goodbye and send their child(ren) on his/her way. It sends a clear message to your child and is an easier transition for all.

Is the schedule the same as usual for the first day of school?
Yes, at each level the schedule is the same on the first day as it is throughout the school year. The start date, time, bus schedule and lunch menu can all be found on our website if don't already know this information. Your child can bring a healthy snack to school that they will be allowed to eat at some point during mid-morning. Your child should bring his/her school supplies on the first day of school.

Is there anything special I should know about regarding the first day of school?
On the first day of school, traditionally students will assemble at the flag pole. We will then say the pledge of allegiance, sing the school song, and introduce staff.

How do I find out who will be my student's homeroom teacher?
The school will send out a SchoolMessenger the Friday before school begins?

Lunch and Snacks

How do we pay for our children's hot lunches?
You can send cash with your child, send a check for any amount and meals will be deducted from their account as they go or you can use MealPay.

If we use MealPay, how does my child use it at school?
Once you add money onto MealPay it then goes directly into your students account and just like cash or check the Cafeteria Manager will deduct from the account.It is accessible by the lunchroom manager and as the child goes though the line, he/she tells his/her name and the money is deducted from the MealPay account accordingly.

How do I get my student's ID # to sign up for MealPay?
It is on the school registration sheet at the very top of the page. You can also call the school secretary. After school pictures are taken a photo ID will be sent home with your child and it will also have the child's ID # on it.

How do I know how much money is in my MealPay account?
You must log-in to your account.

What happens if my child needs to buy lunch and the MealPay account is empty?
When your child is running low or out of money, the lunchroom manager usually puts a stamp on your child's hand as a reminder. Middle school, grades 7 and 8, are not able to charge lunches. You may also send cash that day if you know ahead of time and have not been able to add money to your MealPay account. Middle school students are not allowed to charge lunches by district policy.

Do we need to pre-order hot lunches?
No. There may be an occasion where a field trip requires you to order a sack lunch ahead of time if you do not plan to provide your child with one from home. At the end of each month a calendar of the following months' meals will be sent home in the Friday Flyer. This will allow you to see what choices your child has each day.

How are hot lunches served?
They go through the cafeteria line and select items that are available. At the beginning of each day a lunch count is made in the classrooms. At this time your child will indicate if he/she is having cold or hot lunch. Then he/she will choose the hot lunch meal he/she wants. That information is delivered to the lunchroom manager so that meals can be prepared accordingly.

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